Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sydney was a joy all morning. NOT! She has her days and this was one of them. Too tired to eat anything (or teeth hurt) but not wanting to be held. She didn't like the instability of the monorail all that much so she fussed the whole time. I'm embarrassed to say that yes we still have to carry a pacifier with us for emergencies such as these. Josh wants her off by her birthday... RIGHT! She actually did ok as long as there was someone to tell her how cute she was and she could play up too. At this moment the monorail was pretty empty.
Isaac of course was THRILLED with the monorail and enjoyed every minute. He listened extremely well the entire morning and didn't run off once. A far cry to a few years ago. What am I saying ... a few months ago =)!!! Turns out that the monorail is free on the weekends so if its a bit chilly the homeless just go round and around in it. Good times.
This is Isaac on the way out. Getting a little tired and he did have a small melt down shortly after. But the morning was truly a success for Isaac. I was so proud!