Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sydney is such a sweet heart, as long as she's fed and has enough sleep. She wins over anyone she meets. She turns 2 in February, CRAZY! She has made the past two years wonderful. Not that the previous 2 years weren't but she bring a special spirit with her where ever she is. I remeber saying when she was on;y 6 weeks old, "shes just so sweet." and my mother saying, "allbabies are sweet." And she is right but Sydney definetly has that extra dab that puts her over the top. She does have stubborn streak in her and holds her own with Isaac, for the most part. She talking more everyday, I'm still holding my breath that she'll be really talking by the time the baby comes. Man that would make a huge difference! She's extremely tiny and fools a lot of people. She's all of 20 pounds and 32 inches high. My hand spans her back, if that gives you a visiual. People treat her like she's still a baby, and depending on her mood and who it is, she plays along. I've gotten many a dirty look at the play ground when I let her climb on her own. Everyone thinks she's one so I guess they feel I should be right behind her. Little do they know she's perfectly capable. She loves to play play do and is obsessed with Diego. She also LOVES choo-choos and any and all animals. She has the ability to go off on her own and play, Isaac rarely accomplishes this, and is a joy to have around. She's finishing teething her last baby teeth and we will start her potty training here in the next month. So wish us luck.

All in all its been an amazing year and I look forward to next year. I know there will be plenty more challenges for me and my family but I know that with the Lord in our lives we will make it through. We all look forward to the new baby in May and Isaac is determined it is a boy. I'm hoping for a boy too. Josh really doesn't mind either way and Sydney is clueless. Either way we know we are blessed to welcome a new little spirit into our home. Are lives are truly blessed and full we couldn't ask for anything more.
My your next year be a full and joyous.
Love to you all!!