Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here are our Birds. The yellow one's name is Ginger and the Blue one is Chloe.
All though recent events have convinced me that Chloe is a girl... Isaac refuses to change the name to a boy name.
Chloe is a MUCH older bird. Infact I wouldn't be surprised is he/she passes away in the next year. Pretty sure Ginger is less then a year old.
We've had them for about two months and they are very patient.
Last month Ginger almost lost her life due to Isaac tring to capture her with a towel.
Luckily she only bloodied in a few places on her feet and lost a couple chunks of hair. If you click on the photo for a bigger pic you can see a spot on her chest and one on her head where the new feathers are coming in.
Shes a trooper!
Chloe just recently lost her tail feathers when Isaac accidentally pulled them out. Yes I saw it it was an accident.
His/Her tail know looks like a love bird. She has just barly recovered from the humiliation.